“TAILS:  WAGS from the Other Side”

Have you ever had a strange experience surrounding your pet after they’ve passed away? A glance out of the side of the eye of your loved furry family member after they’re no longer with us? Many others have experienced some sort of a “sign”, seemingly from their pet as if they’re letting them know…it’s okay. I’d like to hear your story and possibly include it in an upcoming book that’s a collection of these visits… accepting submissions through the end of June 2016. Submit your story and one accompanying photo to:


Welcome to the Heaven’s Leash website.

For service please call 512-736-3941

Heaven’s Leash is heading into our 8th year of operation. We strive to try and provide comfort to owners and dignity to pets on the final journey for our beloved furry friends. Our service includes everything from simple removal from your home to full service cremation with private individual ashes returned.

For service please call 512-736-3941



We are currently available 24 hours per day


*some appointments may be as long as 5 hours out from call, however most pickups happen within 2-3 hours of call


UNAVAILABLE 3:00 PM – 11:00 PM  6/6/& 6/7 2016


There may be times that you get voice mailbox when you call.  If we are on another client’s job we won’t answer to discuss another pet.  If you will leave the following information we will be able to call you back with the best and most complete information:

  • Your Name
  • Your Pet Type (dog, cat, etc.)
  • Circumstances
  • Weight
  • If you’re looking for removal or cremation
  • Phone number
  • If it is after 10:00 PM, please tell us if it is okay to call back at that late hour or to wait until morning.

Otherwise we may wait until morning to return your call or may answer via text.

E-mail Here

We offer a wide variety of pet products for your living as well and exceptional memorial items for those beloved pets who have moved on. We also support local adoption organizations and pet rescue efforts.
For service please call 512-736-3941

Please be sure to check non-availability hours on this page!

Heaven’s Leash… quality pet aftercare & more!

*Arrival may take anywhere from 1-3 hours depending on location and scheduling. We make every attempt possible to arrive within two hours of your phone call. Typical call and response time to completion is approximately two hours.

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